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The Higher National Diploma in English course provides an opportunity for School leavers with GCE A’ Level qualifications to develop their proficiency in English Language, English Literature and Communication skills. The learners will be directed to follow an area of specialization during the second year in order to strengthen their chances of finding suitable employment. The course also aims at developing their personality, interpersonal skills and general transferable skills such as adaptability, decision making ability and organizational ability which are regarded as important requirements to meet employer expectations.

Course Duration

Higher National Diploma in English (HND in English) – (Full time - 3 years /Part time - 2 ½ years)

  • The HND English new curriculum is a diploma program of two years duration.
  • The two year program will be offered in a course unit system in four semesters. Each semester will have 15 weeks of course work.
  • The total program would be of 64 credits.
  • There are three specialization areas namely, English Language Teaching, Journalism, and English for Business Communication.
  • Practical and Professional Writing I
    Advanced Reading Skills I
    Listening in English I
    Effective Communication Skills I
    Language Structure, Usage and Linguistics I
    Vocabulary Development I
    Practical Phonology I
    English Literature I
    Study Skills I
    Computer Assisted Language Learning I
  • There will be no in-plant training in specialization areas. Instead a practical component has been included for each course.

Modules of Study

First Year First Semester
Practical and Professional Writing I
Advanced Reading Skills I
First Year Second Semester
Practical and Professional Writing III
Advanced Reading Skills III
Listening in English III
Effective Communication Skills III
Language Structure, Usage and Linguistics III
Vocabulary Development III
Practical Phonology III
English Literature III
Computer Assisted Language Learning III
English Language Teaching Methodology I
Second Year First Semester
Business English I
Journalism I
Listening in English II
Effective Communication Skills II
Language Structure, Usage and Linguistics II
Vocabulary Development II
Practical Phonology II
English Literature II
Study Skills II
Second Year Second Semester
Practical and Professional Writing IV
Advanced Reading Skills IV
Listening in English IV
Effective Communication Skills IV
Language Structure, Usage and Linguistics IV
Vocabulary Development IV
Practical Phonology IV
English Literature IV
Computer Assisted Language Learning IV
English Language Teaching Methodology II
Business English II
Journalism II

Entry Profile

Applicants should possess one of the following qualifications

i)GCE (A/L) in 3 subjects

ii)GCE (A/L) in 3 subjects and a pass in English Literature and at least a credit pass (C) in English at GCE (O/L)

iii)GCE (A/L) in 3 subjects and a distinction pass (A or B) in English Language at the GCE (O/L)

iv)English Specialist Teacher Training Certificate; or College of Education DiplomaEnglish Teachers

v)A pass at the National Certificate in English for Commerce, Industry and further Education conducted by the Department of Technical Education & Training with G.C.E. (A/L) three subjects

How to Apply?

Visit the nearest ATI or ATI Section to collect the docket with the application and information of the course you prefer at a cost of Rs. 350/=.